One of my favorite US holidays is “Thanksgiving”.

While it’s a great time to gather with loved ones and show our gratitude... it should also be a reminder to ALWAYS GIVE THANKS.

The Power of Gratitude is immense, reciprocating and infinite. Gratitude makes people feel VALUED, RESPECTED and NEEDED. These are three powerful feelings that we always want our clients, prospects, staff and family to experience. It is vital to remember that your clients, prospects, staff... and even your family & friends... have a CHOICE as to who they engage with. Who they spend time with. Who they support.

And they choose YOU. Isn’t that great? That means they VALUE, RESPECT and NEED YOU. Doesn’t that feel awesome? So never take your clients, prospects, partners, staff, friends and family for granted. Say “Thank You” and say it often. There is a reason why we are taught at such a young age to say “Please” and “Thank You”. It is the most basic and important social skill to help you build relationships. And it can be the most powerful. Find creative ways every day to genuinely give THANKS. Say and write “Thank You” more often and you will soon discover the amazing power those two words can generate.

Some may say that there is not a lot to be grateful for in 2020... but I would argue that there is PLENTY to be GRATEFUL for.

  • Thank You to our Clients for continuing to do business with us. For valuing our relationship.
  • Thank You to our Prospects for meeting with us and considering our solutions. For showing us ways we can be better.
  • Thank You to our Strategic Partners for helping us create value.
  • Thank You to our Staff and Colleagues for navigating these challenging times together and for providing great support. For helping us smile in times of frustration.
  • Thank You to all those busily working to save us and comfort us. We can’t thank you enough.
  • Thank You to our Family and Friends for inspiring us and reminding us why we need to stay positive. For motivating us and hugging us.
  • Thank Yourself for being a resilient warrior this year and for also allowing yourself to be vulnerable at times. Never take your own strengths for granted. Deliberately find ways to appreciate... and reward... all the wonderful things you do.

Joe Micallef
Sales Coach, BankTalentHQ