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It is no wonder banking leaders are frustrated and concerned with turnover. In a survey of bank employees across the United States although 78% report being satisfied with their job, 53% are likely to leave in the next year!

Start having immediate impact with Whistle.

Whistle gives banks the right tools to address the right problems contributing to employee turnover. And, Whistle is easy to deploy and manage for banks of any size. 

How are other banks using Whistle?

  • Culture budgets to take a team member to lunch and build camaraderie.
  • Budgets for charitable giving so every team member can be a hero in their community.
  • Budgets for periods of high-stress when people need a little extra support.
  • Onboarding experiences that help people feel connected before day 1.
  • Training to help every manager be a great people leader.


Whistle helps companies create employee loyalty.

From better onboarding to employee payments, remote team engagement to learning experiences – the Whistle platform integrates the key elements that create employee loyalty, and better business outcomes.

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