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Benefits of a Banking Career

Banking is a profession that offers a huge variety of opportunities, as well as the possibility of rapid career progression, all with good pay and benefits. For those willing to accept the challenge, the rewards can be great.

  • Competitive salaries and excellent benefits, including retirement options and healthcare
  • Wide range of job roles—not just in finance!
  • Opportunities for all career stages from entry level, transitioning veterans and service members, and skilled professionals
  • Career advancement and development while on the job
  • Good work-life balance and stable hours
  • Ability to give back to the community

Explore a Career in Banking

Banking offers career opportunities beyond finance and retail banking—from technology to communications, community development and more.

Types of Banking Careers

A Diverse and Rewarding Industry

While you may be most familiar with the tellers and customer service representatives at your own financial institution, there are many other employees who work in key areas of a bank.

Career Paths in Banking

A career in banking is open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, national origin, age or physical capabilities. Banks hire and train people who are interested in learning and working. Find online training from the American Bankers Association to help you prepare for your next big role.

What Skills Do Employers Look For?

  • Technical skills and education
  • Basic computer and software skills
  • Database management and entry
  • At least a high school diploma or GED for some roles
  • Many roles require a university degree
  • People skills
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Customer service/relationship management
  • Leadership

Meet Some of Today's Bankers

Ashley Nagle Eknaian Chief Digital Strategist and Head of Eastern Labs Eastern Bank Boston, MA
Ida Liu Head of North America Citi Private Bank New York, NY
Tashawn Ward Customer Solutions Associate II Chelsea Groton Bank Groton, CT

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