The start of July is an exciting time of the year in the US. We are usually basking in the sunshine on vacation with our kids and celebrating American Independence Day!

It’s usually a time for celebration... but for many Bankers and Sales People it can also be time of great dread and fear.

As July is the half way point of the year, it is a critical time to reflect on your results for the year and consider the likelihood of achieving your annual goals.

As Bankers and Sales People, every July you need to ask yourself...
Is your year HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL?

Of course if you have been leveraging all the valuable advice I have been sharing in my Newsletters then I am confident your year is absolutely HALF FULL and you are well on your way to achieving exceptional results.

But just in case you are a pessimist and need a little more assistance, here are my five “R’s” for resurrecting your year so your cup will be overflowing by 31 December:

  1. Review Your Pipeline

    Take the time to review all the deals and proposals in your pipeline and clearly determine what else you can do to effectively convert them into new business.

    • Are you clear about the prospect’s intentions to buy?
    • Are you speaking to the decision makers?
    • Are you managing their expectations?
    • Do you have access to all the information you need?

    Also reflect upon “lost opportunities” during the year. Determine what you could have done better and consider following up again. You never know?!?

  2. Re-engage Your Contacts

    You have developed a substantial list of contacts over the years. Use this time to develop credible reasons for re-engaging them to gain a sales meeting.

    Remember... More Meetings = More Business

    Reach out to your existing customers, centers of influence, business partners and prospects and start booking more meetings over the next 2 – 3 months.

  3. Research Your Targets

    • Have you lost focus on your Target Market?
    • Have you forgotten why you selected those Targets and why they need your solutions?
    • How comprehensive and specific is your Target List?
    • I am confident that you do NOT have an exhaustive Target List and that you can research more opportunities and more ways to connect.

    During your research you may also discover new information about your existing targets that you can leverage to demonstrate greater value and gain more meetings.

  4. Refine Your Scripts

    After reviewing your pipeline, refining your contact list and researching your targets, it’s important you take the time to develop engagement scripts and marketing material that can help you drive more business opportunities.

    Determine the many compelling reasons why prospects, customers and contacts should be meeting with you.

    Refine your scripts that confidently demonstrate your credibility and unique value.

  5. Request Referrals

    Remember the #1 way to gain more business is to ask for referrals.

    I have no doubt that you have positively impacted many customers and referral partners this year.

    As you re-engage with these valuable contacts, it’s important that you proactively and diligently ask for referrals.

    Contacts who value your support and their relationship with you will always be willing to help you gain more business …. and thereby help you achieve your annual goals.

It’s important for you to recognize that your cup is ALWAYS half full and maintain an optimistic attitude about achieving greater success.

No matter how great or challenging your year has been, there is plenty of opportunity to make it a success.

Consider the 5 tips outlined in this article and strive to make 2021 your best year ever.

Article written by Joe Micallef – Sales Strategist & Coach – Grow UP Sales. For more advice on how to become a Sales Champion please email or visit the webpage

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