BankTalentHQ Coach, Joe Micallef with Grow Up Sales, offers his insights into how organization can inspire their employees, attract talent and do more to serve their customers. With over 30 years of successful coaching experience in the banking industry, Joe provides proven best practices that will help you attract, develop and retain talent.

One of his tips is to have a P.L.A.N. which is a formal agenda to help you achieve success!

The first step of his P.L.A.N is to set Performance Goals, setting benchmarks and measurable goals!

Agree on the business and personal goals you would like to achieve and measure each month.

This is WHY you are meeting  – to help you more effectively achieve your goals.

Review the results and your progress each month.

Highlight / reaffirm reasons for achievement or lack thereof. Consider how these reasons will impact LEARNINGS and ACTIVITY over the next month.