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SkillsMastery Group

SkillsMastery Group, Inc. was founded on the firm conviction that organizations and individuals can achieve extraordinary results by maximizing their single-most unique asset - their people. After all, organizations don't get results - people do.

When it comes to your career, you’re the one driving the ship.

Whether you’re looking to be more effective in your current role, trying to identify your career path, or ready to explore a change, we can help.

About Career Coaching

Career coaching is designed to partner with you to help you identify your strengths, translate them into a story, identify your goals and create a plan to help you get there. Coaching helps you along the way, identifying obstacles, ways to overcome them, and ultimately helping you reach the finish line faster and with more energy and excitement.

Our Services Range from:

  • Career Coaching - Usually a 3-6 month timeframe.
  • Presentation and Materials Coaching - LinkedIn profiles, resume writing/editing, and cover letter assistance.
  • Onboarding Assistance - Goal-setting and creating plans for your new role.

We also provide expertise in management, leadership and executive team coaching.

It’s simple – we help people work together without the blame, conflict, withholding, politics and hidden agendas that are often rampant in organizations. We focus on building true accountability, by identifying the awareness necessary to create an environment of truth, choice and openness, both for yourself and those you lead and manage.

Donna Flynn

Donna has spent most of her career in the financial services industry, both as an executive coach, and also in leadership and management positions.

About Donna

She was the President and Market Manager for eight banks in the Chicagoland area. She led a staff of 50 during a tumultuous time in the banking industry, and was recognized for her leadership, results and culture change. Her bank was first to be awarded business of the year and surpassed all its peers in its results.

She then joined Banc One Mortgage Company as an executive coach and national sales manager, helping them develop a sales and service process within their national organization, and advising the executive team on their leadership, strategy, accountability and results.

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Our team of SMG coaches have a range of experience in all types of industries and across all geographic areas.

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