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Whistle helps companies create employee loyalty. From better onboarding to employee payments, remote team engagement to learning experiences – the Whistle platform integrates the key elements that create employee loyalty, and better business outcomes.

Whistle can help your bank focus on the right problems, with the right tools, at the right time.

Employee Loyalty.

Simple. Easy. Just Whistle.

Employers have been spending billions of dollars on employee perks and benefits and yet retention has only declined. Why? Because employers have misunderstood what staff really want (it's not what they report in exit interviews). The tools provided to HR aren't designed to make employees feel welcomed and, too often, top-down culture-building tactics end up hurting more than they help (for example, a hospital giving out "Appreciation Rocks" to nurses).

Retaining talent is critical to banks.

Front-line teams, such as bank tellers, are at the greatest risk of turnover. Staff need to feel valued and belonging (by their managers and organization). Unfortunately, most HR technology fails to provide HR leaders with effective tools.

Learn how to:

Identify the needs in your organization (by location, department, tenure and level) and harness behavioral science to address those needs, all while reducing costs.

Drew Carter

Drew is improving employee retention using data science and behavioral science. 

About Drew

Whistle has developed innovative rewards and recognition, learning tools and onboarding technology for clients in the US and Europe. Previously, Drew ran Maritz Motivation, the largest global provider of customer loyalty software (for clients such as Marriott Bonvoy and Southwest Rapid Rewards) serving over 500 million customers.

Drew brings the insights and tools from the customer loyalty space to Employee Loyalty. He is passionate about making work-life better for clients, employees, and customers.

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Keynote Topic: Drew can present to your board, executive team or conference on the latest trends in employee retention.

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