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Grow UP Sales Consulting

Grow UP Sales Consulting focuses on helping bank professionals overcome the challenges of business development by providing strategic planning and sales skills coaching that makes "selling" far easier. We work with retail and commercial bankers to help you achieve sales and service excellence.


We make the art of business development fun and productive.

About Sales Coaching

Selling does not need to be difficult or uncomfortable. At Grow UP Sales, we deconstruct the sales process and simply coach bankers to build better relationships with their target customers by confidently performing key activities that produce better results - for both you and the customer. 

Our Services Include:

Collaborative Sales Planning Workshops

4 to 8 hour onsite facilitation designed to help business development teams create more focused and highly effective sales plans. The workshop is comprehensively documented to provide team leaders with a detailed guide for sales success over the coming year.

Sales & Service Coaching Program

3 to 12 month program that enables team leaders to more effectively develop the skills, behaviors and beliefs of their retail and/or commercial team. High quality online training videos and notes are provided to support each coaching session with field exercises assigned to promote long term skill enhancement.

Sales Leadership Coaching

3 to 12 month program to directly support leaders better coach, motivate and manage their business development teams.

Live Online Sales Excellence Coaching

Bi-weekly online sales coaching that can be accessed anywhere by your staff. Each session is facilitated live by our sales coach and supported by high quality online training videos and notes with field exercises assigned to promote long term skill enhancement.


Joe Micallef

For over 25 years Joe Micallef has actively participated in or led business development teams in the finance industry across Australia, Canada and the US.

About Joe

He consistently demonstrated exceptional results by collaboratively developing pragmatic sales strategies and applying effective coaching practices that elevated the sales skills and performance of his teams. Joe believes that all banking staff are responsible for business development however it is critical for bank leaders to create a culture that supports collaborative planning and ongoing development of skills, behaviors and beliefs.

Joe says "To create a successful banking career, it's important that you learn to confidently build better relationships with your customers by exploring their needs and offering compelling solutions."

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At Grow UP Sales we can offer strategic sales planning and coaching support to bankers across all geographic areas.

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